2x CDs in one release.

2LP / 12x2"
2x records in one release.

12 inch record.

Acetate / Advance / CD-R
A transitional stage between the master and the finished release. Usually used for promotion.

A release which was created without permission of the band or their record company.

Box set
A set of items that are packaged together.

Catalogue number
The code given to each record be the record company to identify them. It is viewable on CD spines. It is common to see the same catalogue number for different releases.

Compact disc album.

3 inch CD single.

Record sleeve with a big hole in the center.

A CD or DVD packaging consisting of one or more plastic trays in cardboard of various shapes and forms.

Combination of a audio CD with a CD-ROM. The audio tracks are playable on a CD player and the video is viewable on a computer.

Extended play record.

Electronic Press Kit. A press kit on CD, DVD or VHS format.

Inner sleeve
Sleeve for a release which is inside the overall sleeve.

A piece of paper which was included inside the record, but is not part of the sleeve.

Jewel case
A standard CD case.

Long playing record. An album on vinyl.

Limited edition
A limited quantity of a release.

Numbered edition
Numbered copies of a limited release.

A strip of paper which wraps around the left side of CDs in Japan/Korea.

Picture CD
CD with a picture printed on it.

Any item sent out to promote a new release. Most include the text "for promotional use only, not available for sale."

Slim jewel case
A CD case with no back insert. Usually used for singles.

Slip case
Cardboard case that slips over the CD or cassette case.

Stickers from the record company stating ‘Artist, Title, containing the xxx song’. Not the price tags.