About Ira

Q: Can you tell us about yourself?
A: My name is Ira V., I'm 20 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Q: When did you begin collecting?
A: I started collecting in 2006 (press clippings in 2004).

Q: What merchandise do you collect?
A: Everything I can get. Albums, singles, promos, cassettes, vynils, press clippings, posters, magazines, calendars, clothing, accesories in general such as magnets, matchboxes, pins and pictures.

Q: How many items do you own?
A: Too many.

Q: What is the rarest item you own?
A: Lena's cigarette counts as an item? :p

Q: What was the first item you purchased?
200 po vstrechnoy, second edition, russia.

Q: What items do you want to purchase?
A: Ya Soshla S Uma Single, Loves me Not Single, 30 Minutes Single, Truth dvd, All The Things She Said Sampler, FHM Magazine (September 2003, Russia), Sync Magazine, and every single press clipping with Yulia and Parviz on it.

Ira's collection