About Lauri

Q: Can you tell us about yourself?
A: N/A

Q: When did you begin collecting?
Well I bought my first item in 2002 but started "collecting" in 2004.

Q: What merchandise do you collect?
A: CD, DVD, Cassettes, Vinyls, Magazines, Promotional Stuff, Clothing, Posters, etc..

Q: How many items do you own?
Too many.

Q: What is the rarest item you own?
Bacardi B-Live & Lena Katina Live in Tiffanys Full HD MiniDV Master Tapes.

Q: What was the first item you purchased?
A: All The Things She Said Single.

Q: What items do you want to purchase?
Ya Shosla S Uma Single & Cassette, Ne Ver Ne Boisya Eurovision Promo Single.

Lauri's collection